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Senior Software Developer Python, New York, NY

Location: New York, NY (Chelsea)

Type: Full time

Rate: up to $160k/Year

Posted 12/5/2016

Candidates must be a senior level software developer 5+ years of work experience with Python or other languages. Must have a Computer Science degree and small or mid tier company experience is preferred.

Technologies –  Python on the backend, React on the front-end, Swift for iOS, Java for Android, Platform team uses a combination of Python, AWS, Go, Node – they have a lot of flexibility in what tools they use.   (They’re willing to bring someone on who doesn’t have Python if they have a good CS background and have worked on larger platforms.)

They hire ONLY Senior Engineers – need 5 years experience, have a CS degree (potentially Math, but interview process is heavy in CS fundamentals and problem solving).  Engineering teams are organized into squads (with different biz initiatives) that each include PM, engineering, QA, etc. Ex: Acquisition team is web-focused (customers enter funnel on website), another team is Engagement (mobile focused), another team is Studio-focused, integration with small business owners, another squad that’s focused on pricing and inventory. 

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