Here is an interesting finding on getting your resume noticed when viewed by a hiring authority. Studies have shown that there only 6 seconds when the impression is made and your resume will be either be acted upon- or not. So the first impression is quite important, but that is not to say that only the first paragraph is what is important. It is the first impression that encourages the reader to look further at the details.

Visually, people who read many resumes initially view them like a camera taking a photo to develop in initial impression. Make it easy and quick for the reader to understand what you do, the markets you're in and your achievements. There any many components that comprise an excellent resume and get your candidacy to the top of the stack.

Your particular profession makes a difference as well and form and presentation of contect may differ between functional roles. The infographic below offers some great ideas as well as how to avoid mistakes and help your resume to get noticed by recruiters and hiring managers. Source: AkkenCloud.

 Resume Dos and Don