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When it comes to choosing a search firm for your recruiting efforts- experience matters! I am in my 17th year recruiting running a full desk, with experience across software, technology and services with an emphasis in the healthcare industry.

Now with TEEMA Solutions Group, I have greatly expanded capabilities and resources and honored to be working at a fantastic organization with over 200 highly experienced recruitment professionals. I am humbled! TEEMA is one of the fastest growing search firms in North America and simply stated, we provide amazing results! Read on to learn more...

Our Process

We provide a single point of contact for your search engagement which results in consistent oversight and an optimal candidate/client experience from project concept through hire and follow-up. We initiate each search with an assessment with the hiring manager and human resources to help us understand your organization, culture, the position requirements as well as your vision of the characteristics and attributes of the ideal candidate and personality fit within a particular team or business unit. We then discuss and decide on a recruitment model that makes most sense and best suited to the need and level of hire, from contingency to retained search (or something in-between) as well as hiring options including direct hire placement, contract placement and contract to hire. Not every search warrants a retainer, but there are situations where some form of retained search or exclusivity may be in your best interest.

Sourcing Strategy

Based upon the assessment, proactively reaching out to people to turn up those whose skills, personality, experience and goals align. We approach each assignment with a sourcing strategy, which is a customized process plan that enables us to efficiently achieve great breadth and depth of candidate outreach. The plan identifies our Talent Managers best suited and available to work on the role and prospective candidates from a variety of resources such as our large internal database/ATS, online professional networks, career sites, professional lists and groups, relationships and referrals, and of course- 'smile and dial' campaigns.

Our Unique Value Proposition

The heart of a successful hiring effort is centered around people-driven processes, powered by technology used by skilled recruiting professionals to directly reach out to recruit ideally suited candidates. Advertising and passive are part of the plan as well but we believe that active pursuit yields the best results.

Along these lines, here are a several interesting points to know if considering TEEMA Solutions Group and me as your Client Manager:

Experience: The TEEMA model attracts, and we only hire, very experienced recruiting professionals to work at our organization. (Our average is 7 years, which is very high for the industry) Inexperienced recruiters will often waste your time and company resources. Don't let that happen, hire us.

Quality and Speed: Many hiring companies do not have the people, time, technology or skills to effectively recruit with the speed and quality that we are able to provide. Time is money and your managers need to stay focused on doing what they do best. How much time are your managers spending on trying to recruit? What is the cost of that to the organization? How effective is your internal recruitment effort?

TEEMwork: Working in a coordinated, synergistic, yet competitive TEEM approach, we obtain faster results with more qualified candidates for you to interview. The old adage rings especially true- together we achieve more!

Training and Culture: TEEMA has a 12 week training program for all "new people". We only hire experienced people and we train to ensure that we are all on the same page to instill the values, culture, teamwork and processes to achieve our company goals and quality metrics.

Reputation Attracts: Our reputation as a top search firm representing a multitude of opportunities garners the attention of potential candidates who may otherwise ignore outreach efforts of a single company, opportunity or recruitment from search consultants with less experience or a weaker firm.

Your Strategy for High Demand and Superstars: When someone decides to initiate a job search, they first reach out to their trusted contacts and recruiters known within their niche as someone who can possibly connect them to a new opportunity. Top people in high demand roles have many choices and they seldom hit the job boards. Your recruitment strategy should include relationships with top recruiters who can introduce you to hidden, superstar talent and people with high demand skills as they come available. You may pay a reduced fee for hiring someone "marketed" to your company.

I/We Understand Your Niche: It is really important to work with a search partner with experience working in your industry. My strength is within the field of healthcare IT and I have been in the healthcare industry since 1990 and recruiting in this field since 1999. At TEEMA we have strengths within Technology, Healthcare, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Executive Search, Accounting & Finance, Engineering, and Supply Chain & Logistics. If you have an interest working with us and I am not skilled within your industry, reach out to me and I can put you in touch with the right person.

I would not have done this for the past 17 years if I did not find success and enjoyment out of my work. I am passionate about helping people find career growth and success while helping companies accomplish their goals. I love working with many different people and diverse personalities and organizations. Life is great!

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